Unmarried and Single Americans Week! Who Knew?

Since the 1980’s the third full week in September has been recognized as “Unmarried and Single Americans Week“- that is this week for 2010.  It is set aside to celebrate the single life, recognize singles and their contributions to society.  The U.S. Census Bureau reports that there are 96.6 million unmarried Americans 18 and older in the U.S. in 2009.  It is interesting that everywhere one looks though, the subjects of relationship, marriage, love, celebrity and non-famous couples are also in the news.  In our book, My Heart Got Married And I Didn’t Know It, we talk about authenticity and how to intentionally and honestly find lasting love.  For many people, that includes a desire for a happy fulfilling marriage.  How do you get there?  First, you have to know what you want, not just in a partner but in life.  We find it is helpful to actually write down what is important to you and what you want in a partner.  It sounds simple, but it can be very clarifying! It is our wish that you, whether single or not, are happy and content with your life.  If you are not, take some time to figure out what your dreams are and make a plan to achieve those dreams.  Our book, My Heart Got Married And I Didn’t Know It, can help!

Lora & Barbara