It’s Your Turn — Tell Us Your “Heart Marriage” Stories

In our book, My Heart Got Married And I Didn’t Know It, we listed and answered a number of questions that we were frequently asked when sharing our ideas on heart marriage, heart divorce and serial heart marriage. We cleverly called them Frequently Asked Questions.  Last week we printed one in this blog.  We thought we would try one more

Question:  Has the concept of heart marriage been scientifically researched?

Answer:  The concept of heart marriage has not been scientifically researched.  These are our observations as a professional counselor, a nurse and mothers.  When we shared these concepts with friends, family, clients and then strangers,  we found the ideas resonated very strongly with them and most could immediately recall someone they would describe as having been heart married. We hope that introducing this new concept will result in more research that can be help couples navigate the emotions of the heart.

Now — here is your challenge. We know heart marriage exists because we have heard so many stories from real people who have experienced it and felt the pain and disappointment of relationship decisions based on this  intense bond that defied reason and all of the evidence about their relationship.  YOU can be part of our continuing research.  Take the Heart Marriage Quiz on our website,, and then tell us your story.

We’ll be waiting!

Barbara & Lora