WOW — New US Census Data Reflects New Marriage Trends

The most recent US Census data is reflecting new trends in marriage.  For the first time, there are more individuals in prime marriage age, 25-34, who have never been married than those who are or have been married. Statistics are further indicating that among all ages, the marriage rate is 52% as compared with 72% in 1960. At the same time the number of couples who are cohabiting are skyrocketing.

The economy, changing attitudes, the desire to be on sure footing in a career are all cited as some of the reasons. People are waiting until they are older to marry these days.

One very interesting finding, however, is that even though marriage rates have fallen among young people, there is still a 90% probability that a person will marry sometime in his/her life.

What does all this mean for our discussion of “heart marriage” in our book My Heart Got Married And I Didin’t Know It? What do you think?

You can click on the link below to read about the newest census data.

Times are changing for sure!
Barbara & Lora


Pre-nuptial vs. Pre-marital cohabitation: What’s the Difference?

There is actually a difference between pre-nuptial and pre-marital cohabitation!  And it is not just a game of semantics!  Pre-nuptial living together means the couple has set date for the wedding, the couple is officially engaged, the search is on for the dress and other details are being attended to – that compares to pre-marital or just plain old, straight up living together or cohabiting.  While this couple may hope marriage is in the future, there are no concrete plans to marry.  Statistically, it appears that couples who live together pre-nuptially have the same percentage of success in marriage as couples who did not cohabit. However, where the research shows trouble is for the serial cohabitor- those individuals who live with a succession of partners before marriage have higher rates of divorce.  In essence, these individuals may be heart married a number of times and consequently go through the difficult breakups we call heart divorces before marrying. It is these folks who have higher rates of divorce.

Something to think about….

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