Heart Marriage — Stealing Your Youth!

Believe it or not some people actually stay in relationships for five, or seven or sometimes fifteen years beginning in their mid-twenties, only to have it NEVER result in marriage and a life long commitment. These folks are “heart married.” They are married in every way except the “paper-work.” Their break-ups feel exactly like a divorce — devastating and heart breaking. They are empty. Especially in cases where the female wants to have children — she is  now left wondering if that will ever happen. She is in her late thirties and she has seen her child-bearing years tick away while thinking “surely the proposal will come!” One lady told us that she felt like “her youth was stolen.”

Of course, you may be saying, “well its good they didn’t marry, have children and become another divorce statistic.” While that is true — it isn’t really the point! The point is that these relationships, nine times out of ten, have been signaling “danger” for a long time in many ways. In our book, My Heart Got Married And I Didn’t Know It, we talk about the danger signals, how to listen to them and steps that can be taken to stop this thief before it takes away too many years.

Check out our book on our website, myheartgotmarried.com. If you know someone in this situation, maybe you would want to give her a copy. You can buy it on-line!

Barbara and Lora


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