It’s Your Turn — Tell Us Your “Heart Marriage” Stories

In our book, My Heart Got Married And I Didn’t Know It, we listed and answered a number of questions that we were frequently asked when sharing our ideas on heart marriage, heart divorce and serial heart marriage. We cleverly called them Frequently Asked Questions.  Last week we printed one in this blog.  We thought we would try one more

Question:  Has the concept of heart marriage been scientifically researched?

Answer:  The concept of heart marriage has not been scientifically researched.  These are our observations as a professional counselor, a nurse and mothers.  When we shared these concepts with friends, family, clients and then strangers,  we found the ideas resonated very strongly with them and most could immediately recall someone they would describe as having been heart married. We hope that introducing this new concept will result in more research that can be help couples navigate the emotions of the heart.

Now — here is your challenge. We know heart marriage exists because we have heard so many stories from real people who have experienced it and felt the pain and disappointment of relationship decisions based on this  intense bond that defied reason and all of the evidence about their relationship.  YOU can be part of our continuing research.  Take the Heart Marriage Quiz on our website,, and then tell us your story.

We’ll be waiting!

Barbara & Lora


2 Responses to “It’s Your Turn — Tell Us Your “Heart Marriage” Stories”

  1. pjgann Says:

    Hey all, haven’t read or blogged in a while—–busy time for me. But today I received a call from a close friend. Her daughter has been living with a man for years (the woman is 29). They have bought a house together, cars, have credit cards together etc. etc. etc. The woman always thought they would get married——well guess what? The man now says no, he doesn’t ever want marriage. The young woman is devastated—–I mean “curled up on the sofa depressed”. The young woman’s mom is my friend. She called me seeking some help. My heart aches. I am so tired of helping people fix, I want to help people prevent these troubles. Anyone doubting heart marriage and heart divorce??????——–needs to talk to a my very sad young friend.

  2. myheartgotmarried Says:

    So sad! My heart aches for this young woman too. Amen on prevention. We would like it if not another person has to go through this. Breaking up is always hard when you love someone, but this kind of break-up when the heart is so bound together in a heart marriage is every bit as devastating emotionally as a divorce. The really difficult thing is getting someone to do what’s necessary to prevent heart marriage. Sometimes we can get folks to recognize their situation and make the painful change before it gets to this point — but this case is a hard one. My prayer is that she can get good help. It might be hard to read our book at this point, but I believe it can help to be able to read and know that someone understands what she is going through and that others have been there. You are a good friend! …. And by the way, we are glad you are back blogging with us!
    Barbara & Lora

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